How are YOU?

Do you have a habit of putting yourself and your own well-being last?

Do family, work, and other commitments take priority over managing your healthy body, mind, and spirit?

Do you feel exhausted, low-energy, burned out, fried, unappreciated, and even victimized?

That was me my entire adult life, until this year.  

I had always considered myself a workaholic. Even when projects and workload were entirely self-created, I suffered and stressed and often made myself a victim over them.  I sacrificed sleep, time with family, and my health for my work.

Everything came to a halt earlier this year. After a routine mammogram and subsequent biopsy, I learned I was facing a health crisis: early stage breast cancer.  

While I will never know the "cause" of my disease, I know my lifestyle and habits did not support a healthy body, mind, or spirit.  I worked too much. I didn't make the healthiest food choices. I rarely exercised. And I managed my thoughts and feelings by numbing out with wine at the end of the day.

Thankfully, I had already been working with a holistic nutritionist/life coach when I was diagnosed. Our work together transformed my health habits, even during barbaric (but life-saving) procedures, surgery, and recovery. What was more valuable and unexpected, however, was the way in which our coaching process allowed me to manage my mind about my diagnosis, treatment, and reconstruction. I've allowed myself to grieve and feel, but there has been no drama about the cancer. 

At every appointment with my nurse advocate, oncologist, family physician, and surgical team, I asked about how to manage my diet to keep my hormones balanced and prevent future cancer. No one had useful answers.

At my final appointment at the breast center, they said, "Try to put it behind you," they reiterated. "Live your life."  

I finally understand.

Our health care system is not equipped to deal with prevention. 

I am eternally grateful to Western medicine for its ability to diagnose and remove the disease from my body. 

Real WELLNESS, however--that comes from another source.

This is the second time in my life I have faced a life-threatening illness. There will not be a third. 

I have chosen to focus my body, mind, spirit, and business on wellness. 

I want to learn everything I can about how to fuel my body well and support my strong, now HEALTHY body that allows me to live every day.

I enrolled in a health coaching program with a focus on holistic nutrition and habit change. 

There is no perfection over here. I continue to work on myself and set new (loving) goals for myself every day. If I can do this,  so can you.

If you're interested in transforming your health, thinking, and life in the way coaching supported me, let's talk.  I am launching a FUN pilot program and have openings for February, 2019.  Come and play with me and transform your life.

Questions?  Want to see if working together would be a fit? Scroll down this page to schedule a complimentary call with me.

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