About Me


I'm Amy Berg. and I'm a Master-Certified Life Coach and Health Coach.  I have also experienced breast cancer.

I've been a coach for more than 17 years, formerly for nonprofit fundraising professionals.  

I have always considered myself a "workaholic." I love to work.  But even when projects and workload were entirely self-created, I suffered and stressed and often made myself a victim over them.  I sacrificed sleep, time with my family, and my health for work.

Everything came to a halt in 2018.  After a routine mammogram and subsequent biopsy, I learned I was facing a health crisis: early stage breast cancer.

While I will never know the "cause" of my disease, I know my former lifestyle and habits did not support a healthy body, mind, or spirit.  I worked too much.  I didn't make the most spectacular food choices.  I rarely exercised.  And I managed my thoughts and feelings by numbing out with wine at the end of each day.

Thankfully, I had already been working with a holistic nutritionist/health and life coach prior to diagnosis.   Working with my coach transformed my health habits, even during barbaric (and life-saving) procedures, surgeries, and recoveries.  What was most valuable and unexpected, however, was the way in which coaching allowed me to manage my mind about my diagnosis, treatment, and reconstruction.  I allowed myself to grieve and feel, but there was no drama about the diagnosis. 

I am grateful to be in remission/No Evidence of Disease (NED) since October, 2018.

At every follow-up appointment with my nurse advocate, oncologist, family physician, and surgical team, I asked for support:

"How can I manage my diet to keep my hormones balanced?

How can I strengthen and support my immune system?  

How can I reduce my risk of recurrence?"  

No one had useful answers.  At my final appointment at the breast center, they said, "Try to put it behind you. Live your life."

I finally understood.  

Our health care system isn't equipped to deal with prevention.  It's not their role.  I am eternally grateful to western medicine for its ability to diagnose and remove the disease from my body.

Real WELLNESS, however, comes from another source.

Cancer was my wake-up call to focus my body, mind, spirit and business on wellness.  I released more than 20 pounds working with my coach, ditched my wine habit, learned how to love exercise, and discovered how to fuel my body properly--despite cancer.  I prioritize creating health and a life I love, every single day.  I am healthier and stronger than ever.  The best part?  It was so much simpler than I imagined. It was even FUN.

I decided that as much as I love working with nonprofit professionals, what I really wanted to do was coach other women--women who had experienced breast cancer--to support them with their wellness.  I enrolled in functional nutrition coursework and became a master certified health and life coach.

I love supporting my clients to create their own health.  

I would love to support you to do the same.